What equipment is required?

Mandatory Equipment

  • Hockey stick
    • Must be a real hockey stick, plastic sticks are not allowed
    • Should be cut to about chin height
    • Must be taped at the top to prevent the stick going through a helmet cage
  • C.S.A. approved helmet with full cage/shield.
  • Protective cup for boys; Jill for girls
  • Hockey gloves
  • Shin pads – D Gels or comparable do not need to be covered but if using soccer shin pads they must be covered with socks.
  • Goalies wear full gear (with C.S.A. approved helmet). Goalie equipment is provided by the league


  • Elbow pads (soft, like Volley Ball style)
  • Knee pads (soft, like Volley Ball style)

The league will provide jerseys for the season. A damage deposit of $100 is required, which will be returned to the player when the jerseys are returned undamaged.