What is the difference between the Mountain and Pacific divisions?

The BC Minor Ball Hockey associations decided in 2015 that the sport would benefit from dividing the upper divisions of Minor, Major and Junior into Mountain (also known as tier A or tier 1) and Pacific (tier B or tier 2) divisions. The Mountain division players are typically more competitive and have stronger skills. The rule within the associations is that the teams must be equally divided plus 1 if there is an uneven number of teams. Therefore if we have 8 teams in Junior, 4 will be Mountain and 4 will be Pacific. If we have 9 teams, then it will be 4 and 5 teams depending on the skill level of the players. We are not permitted to have only 2 Mountain teams and 6 Pacific teams even if the skill level is not there to run 4 Mountain teams. The player ratings and assessments determine whether a player will be in Mountain or Pacific division. This was introduced to allow all players equal playing time and for players to feel they are challenged, and are having fun regardless of their skill level.