The Metro Minor Ball Hockey Tykes program is aimed at teaching basic ball hockey skills such as, stick handling, passing, shooting and team play. The players are split into groups placed in 3-4 stations (depending on attendance) which goes through different aspects of ball hockey.

Types of stations are:

  • passing and receiving the ball
  • stick handling with the ball around cones
  • coaches passing to players and shooting
  • target shooting
  • running drills
  • mini-games

The program consists of 1 hour sessions held on Saturday and Sunday mornings with approximate 8 am start time. This is an intro program for youths and is recommended before going into the Peanut Division.


  • CSA certified helmet with full face cage/shield
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Shin guards (soccer style is fine) – They must be covered with long soccer style socks
  • Jock / Jill
  • Elbow pads (Soft Style)
  • Knee pads (Volleyball Style)
  • Hockey Stick (No Plastic Sticks Permitted) cut to the nose and taped at the end so the stick can’t fit through the helmet cage.
  • Water bottle-squeeze type to fit through the helmet cage (please label these with your child’s name)

Please always bring water for your child to drink as well, we expect parents to take their child off for bathroom breaks; coaches will not be able to assist with this!


A Metro Minor Ball Hockey Coach will run the sessions but will need 4-6 parents to help out on the floor. This is all about having fun and introducing the kids to the sport.

Please email info@metroballhockey.ca if you have any questions or would like to help out.