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Registration for 2018 is closed

Registration for the 2018 season has been closed for all divisions.

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Metro Minor Ball Hockey Association provides youth with a safe, affordable and fun filled spring sport each and every year in the Metro Vancouver area. Ball hockey brings the excitement of the sport of hockey to our arenas in the springtime. It provides excitement in a team-oriented atmosphere.

Ball hockey is appealing in nature because it opens up the sport to just about anyone, you do not have to know how to skate in order to play. It is played by both males and females at all the age levels.

Most importantly it helps to maintain all who play in great shape!

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Age Groups

  • Junior Division – Under 19
  • Major Division – Under 16
  • Minor Division – Under 14
  • PeeWee Division – Under 12
  • Pup Division – Under 10
  • Peanut Division – Under 8
  • Tyke Division – Under 6